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posted by thenoisecartel
Friday, June 22, 2012

NOISEART RECORDS presents: TROLLFEST – Release ‘Illsint’ teaser!

TROLLFEST have uploaded a ‘Making of Illsint’ teaser. The song comes off the upcoming album ‘Brumlebassen’ and will be performed live for the first time at EXTREMEFEST (July 5 – 7).
More infos at

Furthermore the song will be available for free download on soon, so keep your eyes open and stay tuned!

Watch the ‘Illsint’ trailer here and get to know more about its lyrics, how it was recorded and more:

TROLLFEST have announced that the limited edition Digipack version of the band’s upcoming fifth full length album ‘Brumlebassen’ will feature bonus download content that includes 100 minutes of videos, screen savers and MP3s as well as a much requested translation of the lyrics which are normally written in the band’s own mix of Norwegian and German. The download content will be accessible through a unique personalized code which will be printed on each individual Digipack.

A promo video about the download has also been released and can be seen at

Full download content as follows:

Video – The Making Of Brumlebassen (37 min)
Video – Heidenfest Tour Diary (63 min)
English translation of all the Brumlebassen lyrics
Skogsfest (mp3) – exclusive previously unreleased song
The MetalCamp song (mp3) – exclusive previously unreleased song

Due for release on NoiseArt Records on the 24th August, the album, which will also be available in Gatefold vinyl format, will once again feature storylines and characters from the universe created by TROLLFEST which is inhabited by an assortment of crazy, fun-loving and mead-fuelled trolls, and which is once again brought vividly to life in the artwork of Swedish cartoonist Jonas Darnell who originally created the iconic metal duck from TROLLFEST’s ‘Villanden’ album, and designer Terje Johnsen. The band are confirmed to play EXTREMEFEST and METALCAMP open airs as well as this year´s edition of HEIDENFEST alongside Wintersun, Korpiklaani and others.

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